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This Cat Cafe is Kitty Paradise for the Cat-less

My husband is not allergic to cats.

He used to tell the Cupcake that he was, just so that he wouldn’t be the bad guy who refuses to have cat in our house. But he’s since been outted and she knows it and no one thinks it’s nearly as funny as he does.

Fact is, four of five Perots (that includes the puggies if you’re counting) would like to have a cat. But he’s holding out with a major veto vote SO what’s a mom to do when her daughter desperately wants a kitty?

No, not sneak one in. That would be underhanded AND the equivalent of making him go shopping every single blessed day of the year: MISERABLE. Instead, you inform him that the day after he leaves this earth, we’re getting a cat and then every time he picks up something unhealthy to put in his mouth, you give him side-eye and proclaim, “Fine. That’s one step closer to my kitty.”

Yes, you do that AND you take the Cupcake to The Charming Cat Corner where she can play to her hearts content with 30 cats at one time.

kittens at the Charming Cat Corner

That’s a lot of cats. And they’re all so sweet, and feline fine.

lounging kitty at the Charming Cat Corner

If you haven’t been, The Charming Cat Corner is in Vista Ridge Mall, near Sears and Victoria’s Secret on the bottom level. Modeled after the wildly popular cat cafes in Japan where people pay for petting time, this North Texas version is a great place to get your kitty on. It’s a mere $5 per half hour to get your fill of biscuit paws and leg rubs. Sadly there’s no barista or food available for purchase in this Lewisville location, so I guess it’s not strictly a cat cafe but they encourage you to bring in your lunch or refreshments from the nearby food court to nosh on while surrounded by your feline friends.

Or rather, ambushed if you bring in a tuna salad from Frulatti like I did.

The Charming Cat Corner partners with Kitty Save cat rescue and the City of Lewisville Animal Services, so you can rest easy that these sweet kitties are all a) available for adoption and b) living a life better than their previous destiny. Adoptable for $150, includes a follow up vet visit. They’ve had their shots and been fixed.

kitty fix at the Charming Cat Corner

Yes, there are crazy kittens. Yes, there are pudgy cuddly dudes. Yes, there are aloof fur babies that eventually warm to you and steal your heart. Some even have a loyal following of friends who come to visit on the regular. And what cat lover wouldn’t? Hanging out in the Victoria parlor with a calico, the tropical paradise with a chill tabby, or the enchanted forest with a tiger stripe is a purrfect way to spend the afternoon and melt your stress away.

Klinger at the Charming Cat Corner

The Cupcake figured out pretty quickly that the sporadic leaping with claws outstretched so indicative of kitten life is not for her, and fell hard for an older, ahem… wider, more sedate Zora.

Zora from behind

I wish I could report that we brought her home, but Big Daddy was still somehow resistant to our barrage of texted photos of all her sweetness –which led to a teary ride back to our house. And lots of requests to visit her again. (We’ll be back Zora. Don’t you worry your little whiskers about that.)

kitty belly rubs at The Charming Cat Corner

You can also pick up any of a variety of cat-themed jewelry or household items while you’re there, because, well. It is in a MALL afterall.

Visit the Charming Cat Corner on Facebook here, or call them at 972.315.2287 for more information about this fun and furry feline escape.

Peek a boo kitty at the Charming Cat Corner

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  1. So many beautiful kitties!


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