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Karma is a you-know-what

I’m just going to say it. Karma is a b*tch.

Remember that last post I wrote about how getting a mammogram was more fun than getting your tires fixed? Yeah, well…. Guess what happened to me the day after I posted it.


screw in tire

Yep. Was coming back from Lakewood at a media event and heard this little clicking sound as I was sitting in gridlock on the Tollway to get around an accident. I thought, “Hmmmm. That sorta sounds like it might be something with my tire.” So I checked my pressure from my dashboard and they were all the same as they were that morning. I know this because I need new tires but I also need to find the time to compare prices plus a multi-hour window to get them installed, so it’s been on my mind daily. It’s become a race to see which will win, the tires or my schedule. (I guess we know that answer now.)

Pressures looked good so I drove 20+ miles up the Tollway to get back to my office for a client call at 2.

I had JUST enough time to swing through Starbucks on my way. As I pulled into the drive-through, I hear the clicking again and I think, “That really sounds like something with my tire.” I roll my window down to order and I hear this, “SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.”

Oh yeah. I know exactly what that is. I check my tire pressures and one is alarmingly at 16.

Then 15.

Then 14.

By this time I’m trapped front and back in the drive through and frantically calling Big Daddy.

He helpfully suggests, “Get out of the drive through.”

Really?! I can’t make that happen because there’s a brick wall on both sides of me.

By the time I roll out of the Starbucks drive-through lane, this is what I see.

tire pressure monitor

By the time I park, I’m at 6.

I shut the car off. I can’t watch any more, and I certainly can’t drive anywhere.

I have to deal with this.

flat tire

So that sucks.

But Karma was just toying with me. Thankfully, I not only had a frothy delicious beverage in hand to comfort my rising blood pressure, (note that I wasn’t somewhere en-route on the speedway that joins north and south Dallas), an air conditioned place to wait, I happened to be in the same strip center as a Drivers Edge Auto Repair – which I have never used before, nor did I really realize they were there or even what they were, BUT, the nice guys there came over and changed my flat to my spare and wouldn’t take a dime as payment. You KNOW I’ll be headed back there for my regular maintenance!

Feeling a little luckier, off I went for the tire quest at Costco. Hahaha. Karma wasn’t done with me yet. Two Costco’s, two hours and $127 of stuff I didn’t need and over $1,000 I apparently did need later, Mom Taxi had her wheels on.. It sucked my whole schedule and stressed me out for a full 8 hours because naturally I had nothing with me to work on while I was managing this mess, nor could I pick up the Cupcake, or have my client call… and, and, and life had to just wait for the afternoon.

All in all though, I count myself as extremely lucky. I could have had the flat on the Tollway or somewhere else not nice and safe or air conditioned. I could have had the Cupcake with me in a bad situation. In another scenario, I might have had to wait and pay out the wazoo for a tow truck. Heaven forbid, I might have been thirsty the whole time. I could have had to teeter around on a spare for days because apparently no one stocks tires for my vehicle – but I got lucky because someone had ordered the wrong thing and they were just waiting for me. I am a very lucky girl indeed.

So the next time Karma comes after me for slamming bad tire store experiences (or something else), I’ll remember that my Michelin’s come with a service guarantee so that if I’m stranded because of a nail, they’ll come change the tire for me and head to my nearest Starbucks knowing that it could always, always be worse.

Cheers to a new day!


  1. Thank you for writing this piece and mentioning Driver’s Edge and linking to our website. We really appreciate the positive press.

    • Of course! We’ve been back since and y’all took great care of us. AND, I’ll be back again this week for an oil change. 🙂


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