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How to make a great smoothie

Don’t ask me where it came from. This morning the Princess Cupcake asked for popcorn and a smoothie for breakfast. We were fresh out of smoothies, but I obliged her on the popcorn. It was a new request, and I was amused.

Brought her home tonight after a rousing round of shopping for my MARTHA STEWART OUTFIT (have you heard yet? OMG OMG OMG… more in a bit), and our first lesson in stealing – yes, we took it back — and she started professing to me the best recipe for smoothies after I explained that we have the yogurt, but not the fresh fruit (sigh, don’t judge me, I have a list for the store growing…):

“Pok-corn, chocolate and marshmallows. You put it in a cup and melt it and it’s a smoothie. See?!”

Uh, okay.

She dragged her stepstool from one end of the kitchen to another, helped herself to the leftover “pok-corn” from breakfast,  dropped it into a pink Minnie Mouse cup and followed me around chanting about making a smoothie, waving her cup of corn.

“What is she saying?”

it’s a commercial in the Cowboy game and the hubs is now curious as to what’s actually going on in his own house.

“She says that a smoothie is made with popcorn, chocolate and marshmallows,” I explain matter-of-factly.

“Oh. You should do it,” he retorts.

“I’m way ahead of you,” I chuckle.

I got out the bar blender, a bag of mini chocolate chips and campfire marshmallows leftover from our Owl S’mores, and told the kid to have at it. I mean really, I like all those things. How bad can it be? I’ve seen the guy who does the “will it blend” videos and I swear this is way easier than when he chewed up an iPhone.

So she did.

Very precisely she put just the “right” amount of “pok-corn,” several handfuls of mini chocolate chips, and about 4 marshmallows into the top of the blender. I was permitted to add a small amount of milk – “THAT’S ENOUGH!” – and making sure the top was on, let her rip.

She was quite pleased with the result when we poured it in a glass, but I thought it a bit thin. With lots of chunks. I suggested that we add ice cream.

“Oh yes, yes. Ice cream. That’d be very very good,” she says nodding.

A couple scoops of ice cream and she was a bar master.

“It’s DELICIOUS! It’s DELICIOUS! It’s DELICIOUS!” as she ran sloshing from kitchen to living room.

She insisted we each have a glass of her delightful concoction – and even carried Daddy’s to him while still clutching her own.

As long as you like bits of marshmallow in your smoothies, I dare say it wasn’t bad. Actually, the hubs and I both finished ours.

So there you have it. A new recipe to try and a lesson learned: Popcorn is your secret ingredient for your next breakfast smoothie.

So… did you hear that I was chosen to attend the Martha Stewart show next week? I am so freakin’ excited that I can barely concentrate on work. Read the full story here. But I need your help! Princess Cupcake and I are searching for the perfect outfit to wear – that adheres the dress code (yes, there’s a dress code). I’ll post photos tomorrow of what I have so far and you can tell me what you think Martha would like the best!



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