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How to BOO your neighbors

by | Oct 28, 2015 | Halloween | 0 comments

There’s a fun little tradition around our parts. Your doorbell will ring but when you go to see who it is, there will be a festive Halloween package full of goodies perched on your doorstep — and typically a car speeding away around the corner.

our doorstep boo

You’ve been BOO’d!

you've been boo-ed!

The deal is, it’s a secret who BOO’d you, and when you get BOO’d, you have to BOO someone else. And just to make sure there’s no double BOOing, there’s a sign for you to stick on your door to alert everyone that you’ve already been the target of gratuitous BOOing.

This was our cute mystery package this year. Thank you whoever left it!

our boo from neighbors


spider headband

So it was our turn to return the BOO. Here’s what I put together — with some help from my photo bombing puggies.

boo your neighbor helper

I was going for the skeleton theme with the Curious Beasts wine (found at Tom Thumb),

skeleton label wine

and dancing bones. (Cup and skeleton from Walmart.)

bone appetite

I wanted something that would last beyond Halloween too, so these Bath and Body Works pumpkin-scented soap and candle were perfect. I secretly have dreams about that pumpkin pecan waffle scent.

pug helper to boo

Seriously, those pugs want in every photo now because they think there will be treats. Here’s a closer look without the pug models.

bath and body works pumpkin goodies

I also grabbed a few other goodies from Walmart like this chalkboard bat banner and batty naps.

halloween goodie to boo your neighbor

I couldn’t resist these skull and bones ice cube trays too. (Also Walmart)

More goodies to boo

And some stickers. Everyone loves stickers.

skeleton theme for boo your neighbor

The key is to make sure there’s something in the basket for the whole family: kids and adults. That way everyone’s excited about the secret surprise.

And because I forgot to get any basket plastic to put around my cute BOO, (my neighbor’s was geniusly wrapped in a Halloween tablecloth!), I decided to wrap it up like a mummy. Well, it’s kind of a Baymax mummy, but whatever.

wrapped boo your neighbor

It’s sooo simple. I taped toilet paper to the plastic bowl, and taped two felt circles for eyes onto it. Simple, but I cracked myself up over it. Can you imagine going to your door and seeing this mummy looking up at you?

Anyway, it’s great fun for the whole neighbOOhood! Here’s where you can print your own BOO messages and start the tradition on your street.

And if you’re really into it, you can also carry on the tradition for Christmas and Jingle your neighbors too!

boo your neighbor basket


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