Prepare for Christmas with the Holiday Survival Club

Is this you during the holidays: Screaming at the kids? Not sleeping more than 4 hours a night? Throwing yourself through the door at TJ Maxx 5 seconds before they close because you need a teacher gift in the morning? You have a zillion projects you started and no time to do them?

Oh… and then there’s the elf.

Yeah… me too.

Every year I tell myself I’ll plan ahead.

I’ll start early.

I’ll get things done in the summer.

It never happens.

This year is different. I’ve got my holiday on and I’m determined to be ready for all the fah-lah-lah and stretchy pants parties I can — without stressing about my mile-long to do list!

You know how I’m going to do that? I’m going to do that WITH you! 

I mean, planners are awesome. I’m a well-intentioned planner person and could spend all day making it cute and pretty, but it’s the doing the tasks part that is the secret to planner success. And that’s exactly what we are committed to… a whole lot of doing.

So how are we going to DO this?


You, me and the other moms on the struggle bus. We’re getting our holiday on in a fun and supportive way this year, starting NOW.

We, you and me, are going to have a stress-free Christmas this year.

How? We’re starting in October and we’re going to eat that elephant one bite at a time, each week.

Every Friday,  we’re going to talk recipes and wrapping, drinks and decorating, cards and gifts, and so. much. more.

But I need you to join us because it won’t be the same if you don’t.

This is our holiday mom crew, committed to coaching each other through this madness that sneaks up on us every dang year. We’re going to share tips and ideas, and get it done before Starbucks sells egg nog lattes.

Okay, well maybe not that soon. They keep starting earlier and earlier, but I promise, by keeping up with the 9-week program, you’ll be more ready for the holiday than you could even imagine!

I’m holding registration open until October 1 ONLY.

After that, we’re closed so I can focus on bringing you the best information, and holiday experts and tips. There may even be discounts from some of my favorite companies!


Register before October 1st and you can also “upgrade” your membership to receive two surprise holiday boxes, filled with my favorite things to help you stay motivated, have fun, and enjoy the holiday season.

So are you IN?


We have two levels of membership.

Enroll for this 9-week club for $59.
That’s LESS than one Starbucks latte a week.
You’ll get to participate in a regular Friday live session chock full of holiday tips, ideas and downloads. Don’t worry, we’ll record it so you can watch at ANY time.

— OR —

Upgrade to include the two surprise holiday boxes – $29 plus $8.95 shipping each.
These will be filled with goodies to help you beat the holiday stress like the pro that you will be.

NEXT – You’ll need to do THREE hugely important things…

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