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Hello new obsession: Chalk Couture

(I received product to review for this post. All opinions are my own.)

Let’s talk couture for a minute – Chalk Couture!

How long has it been since you got really excited about new craft products? Maybe today long because have you seen Chalk Couture and its innovative products? They offer pre-designed templates (which are gorgeous and fun), that you apply with their chalk paste to create stunning custom DIY projects. I mean, LOOK at this octopus? I’m dying.

Chalk Couture treatment on cushion

Image credit: ChalkCouture.com

Image credit: ChalkCouture.com

I hear you… you can use a vinyl cutter to make templates, blah blah blah. I am that person too when evaluating new crafting techniques.

4 Reasons why this is better than making your own templates

Well, for starters,1)  not everyone has a vinyl cutter so this solves that problem, and 2) some people like me, on any given day, are having words with their cutter, so there’s that. 3) Also, my vinyl cutter may create a template (which I’ve always spent too long to design), but it’s only one use. 4) These templates are sticky and reusable over and over! What’s more is that if you examine the templates closely, you’ll see they are more like a silk screen, which helps to control the application of the paste.

What is Chalk Paste?

Speaking of the paste, this stuff is cool. It’s thicker than paint and spreads like a dream. It comes in such gorgeous on-trend colors. You can purchase it by a jar or a pouch, depending on how much you want. It spreads super easy with the Chalk Couture spatula, nearly guaranteeing your success. Another bonus? If you do get sloppy with your chalk paste application, (maybe you went outside the template or didn’t use enough), you just rinse it off with water and start over. IT IS SO EASY!

Layering the colors is simple too. After you apply the chalk paste and you’re happy with it, you apply heat from a heat gun or hair dryer to set it. Then it’s ready for you to put another template on top and layer your design.

One of my friends Susan from Facebook introduced me to this whole new world, and her team leader sent me a care package to test out. Here’s everything that I got in the best happy mail from Independent Designer, Patti Colbert. THANK YOU PATTI!

If you’re interested in seeing Chalk Couture in action, Patti does these mesmerizing live streams on Facebookall the time. You’ll be blown away at how easy it is to work with.

But WAS it though? Was it easy?

My BFF and I spent an afternoon Zoom date playing with my Chalk Couture package so I can tell you that I loved working with all the supplies that Patti sent me to test out. Truth bomb, I filmed an hour of me and Molly and our first experience with Chalk Couture and forgot to save the video because I was so focused on creating. Not even kidding.

So while I can’t recommend MY first experience video, I DEFINITELY recommend watching A video before you start, and reading the tips and recommendations – which I did not do. 🙂 There are some rookie mistakes you’ll make if you jump in thinking you are pro-level like I did.

Here are my beginner tips:

  • Don’t air dry your creation. Blast it with heat so you can move on. There is so much creating to do!
  • If the paste is too thick for whatever reason (I had one pouch that just wouldn’t spread), you can try thinning it with the tiniest smidge of water. Not too much though or you won’t be able to use it at all.
  • A little chalk paste goes a long way, if you apply it correctly. Using pressure and a broad swipe will work. Dabbing and lightly drawing with the tools will not.
  • I really wanted to do some ombre colors. Do NOT try this as a beginner. Ask Patti how to achieve this look.
  • Cut your templates apart so you can use elements of them on future projects!

A word of caution

Beware, this is highly addictive because it IS so easy and the combinations are endless. You’ll want a regular fix of new chalk paste and templates coming your way. The good news is, Chalk Couture has a “Club Couture” template subscription that sends you a new template, coordinating pastes, a video, and written instructions, all for $20 (free shipping) so you can absolutely make that happen.

Chalk Couture has new gorgeous designs issued on a regular basis, which means some have to retire too so don’t wait to purchase one if you love it. I’m questioning if I can live without this one right now:

Image credit: ChalkCouture.com

I’ve started looking around my quarantine house for things to chalk up: pillows, signs, shirts, gift tags, walls… And if I run out of things to chalk, Chalk Couture has plenty of blanks to choose from too. You can view the entire Spring/Summer 2020 catalog here.

Chalk Couture crafts

Image credit: ChalkCouture.com

I’m so glad Patti and her girl Susan introduced me to this neat company and products. I’d love to hear if you’ve tried Chalk Couture. Tag me in a photo, I’d LOVE to see them!


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