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Halloween Printables

by | Oct 10, 2020 | Halloween | 0 comments

Feeling neighborly? Halloween is round the corner and it’s the perfect time to surprise your friends with a little “Boo.” If you aren’t familiar with the tradition, it’s a fun one! Simply put a few treats together and leave them at a neighbor’s house to make their day. Don’t ever tell them it’s you. After they’ve been “Booed,” then it’s their turn to “Boo” someone else. It’s important to include the printouts so they know what to do. We’ve got some cute ones that you can print yourself. They’re my gift to you! 

Have you been BOO’d?

Being BOO’d is great. Booing someone else is just as fun. Wondering what you should put in the boo package? Where do you get the printouts? You can get some ideas  in this post: How to Boo Your Neighbors. Crank up the printer, throw a few extra things in your shopping cart and you are set.

The BOO printable pack includes tags…

halloween boo tags
And printouts:
halloween printables : boo printouts
And all the printables you need to give your neighbors the perfect BOO!
Halloween printables : You'v Been BOO'd Tags

BOO Your Neighbors Printable Pack


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