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Goliath Games – Preschool Games Review

The average pre-schooler watches 4 – 5 hours of TV a day. That’s staggering, considering how busy their lives are already with school and activities! Offering an alternative that kids will find more interesting than their ipad is hard, but there are lots of new engaging interactive games that are age-appropriate AND enjoyable for the whole family.

“One of the best things about interactive games is that it often requires children to work with their hands or bodies in some way. This is particularly important for toddlers or kindergarten children developing their motor skills.” (

I had the opportunity to review three of Goliath Games’ newest games: Banana Blast, Dragon Snacks, and Gator Golf. All three are winners in my book — but if I’m being honest, the Dragon Snacks game is my favorite. 🙂

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Gator Golf (2 – 5 players, age 3+):

This is the happiest alligator you’ll ever see! This is indoor mini golf. The object of the game is to feed the cute little gator “golf” balls by putting them in with the flamingo “golf club.” Right away, you know the golfers in the family are on board! And this set is much less likely to break anything that your husband clubs! But wait, there’s more. When you sink your putt, the gator pops the ball out of his tail and into the air for more putting action. And because I know you want to know who wins, there are little colored birds chilling on the gator’s back that rotate to keep score for up to 4 players. This one is “fore” sure a winner to start that budding golf career with some motor skills development. Retail $15.88

Banana Blast

Banana Blast (2 – 5 players, age 4+):

Your little will love this jumping monkey! Set him on his banana tree and click all the bananas into the base. Roll the banana die to see how many bananas you have to remove from the tree. Be careful though, the monkey will JUMP if you pull his favorite banana out from his tree! The player who catches him mid-air gets a bonus. In the end, whoever has the most bananas wins. This is a suspenseful and exciting game that develops hand – eye coordination and reflexes. Plus, he’s cute. Retail $14.88

Dragon Snacks

Dragon Snacks (2 – 4 players, age 4+):

This little purple dragon has my heart! He makes sweet little dragon noises because he ate too many snacks. Bless his heart! You know this because when his nose lights up, you can wave your hand in front of him to see all his munchies in his belly. Did you know that dragons like rings and goblets and crowns? Me either, but his belly is full of them and you have to help him feel better by removing them one-by-one. But you can’t just take them, his nose will glow the color of the snack to remove, and you need to remember where in his belly it was to find it. When the first player gets all three snacks, the game is over. I looooooovvvvveee this one. And so does Boo: Retail $14.88

You can’t go wrong with any of these Goliath Games! Find them at Walmart, Target, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Or, win one during Blessings Week! Enter below!

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