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How I get my kid to love to read

You may have seen my IG post recently about my hail mary effort to get the Cupcake to start reading again before school starts with a collection of comic books — all the comic books she wants. She’s a GREAT reader, in fact she tests at the top of the charts on reading, but she’s just not interested in chapter books and that continues to befuddle me because I so WANT her to love it. She does, however, LOVE in a massive way, audiobooks. We’ve crushed the library’s collection and now subscribe to Audible so that we can consume all the stories on the way to and from her variety of sports practices.

I’m good with that. I used to think that audiobooks (and comic books for that matter) were like cheating on the whole reading time, but then I started researching it, and it turns out that even hearing the written word is beneficial to kids. I’ve had a complete change of heart and now I’m fully committed to providing her whatever literary works she wants to consume, and in whatever fashion. (See our list of audio book favorites here.)

I posted an article not long ago that cited a study on audio books and their positive benefit on young learners. You can read it in total below along with a few others.

In the event that you’re in the reading challenged boat as us, here’s a YELP list to the best comic book stores in the North Texas area so that you may be able to find something to engage your young readers too. (We shop at Doc’s Comics & Games in Frisco)  Also, I’ve had several people ask what our favorite audiobooks are, so I’ve put a list together here and a little about each.

Happy reading!



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