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Refurbish Old Furniture – A Fuzzy Makeover

cow hide chair

The thing is, when you’re moving, you want everything to be perfect.  Like Pinterest perfect and Houzz-worthy idea book ready.

And that means getting rid of a lot of stuff, and even reloving some neglected stuff to make it look new again because you only want cool stuff in your new house.

Therefore, I am currently obsessed with the “reloved” activities that dovetail with building a house.

back of cow hide chairTo be honest, we have some pieces of furniture that I’m not particularly fond of in their current state, but they have potential if they were reupholstered or painted…

For example. I have this chair that belonged to my great-grandmother. When I was in college, my mom was trying to give it to the Salvation Army. It had been in my grandmother’s home, and when my grandmother transitioned to a nursing home, Mom wanted to offer this ancient chair with the bright 70’s orange nubby fabric straight to the donation pile.

In between frat parties and sorority Greek Week practice, I managed to intervene. I confiscated the chair, instinctively knowing that it was “of value” and that it didn’t deserve the cast off treatment.

Poor chair has sat hidden in my homes because the fabric was so terribly ugly, the hubs wouldn’t let anyone lay eyes on it. It literally has been behind a door for the 13 years that we’ve lived in this house alone. Ask any of our friends, they’ve never seen it.

But guess what?! Now we’re motivated by the building of a new home, so we found an awesome leather guy (Armando with Strictly Leather) who works for the local furniture stores building leather sofas. In his spare time, he recovered my ugly antique chair.

I fell in love with this cow hairhide that Armando had in a pile of leather scraps and IT. TURNED. OUT. AWESOME. Definitely pin-worthy and for a fraction of the cost to buy a similar chair.

reloved antique chair

I wish I had a photo to show you the before… but here’s the after:

Per the Princess Cupcake’s insistence,  we now call my 150+ year old formerly orange upholstery chair “Fuzzy.” Fuzzy commands a place of prominence in our living room.  It’s hands down my favorite chair in our house, and the Cupcake sits on it daily and pets it. She’s most excited about  seeing Fuzzy when we come home from our weekend trips yelling “Fuuuuzzzzzeeeeeeeee!” when we walk in the door. And believe it or not, we brought back a matching footrest from Mimi’s house, so now Fuzzy is even appropriately accessorized.

We’ve had more than a few conversations about where Fuzzy deserves to be placed in our new house. The Cupcake is campaigning for Fuzzy to be in her room, but I suspect Fuzzy will likely find its way into a more sophisticated area of our new home — but for sure it will NOT be hidden behind a door. And one day when the Cupcake comes into her own, Fuzzy will go with her. I love the idea that Fuzzy is a family heirloom for the generations. If Fuzzy could talk, what stories it could share!

The Princess on her “Fuzzy” throne!





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