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Funniest prank I ever did

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In the spirit of April Fool’s Day, and because the statue of limitations in Ohio has been surpassed, I’ll confess to the funniest prank I ever did.

It’s was a Saturday night in Athens, Ohio. Me and a couple of my AGD sorority sisters were enjoying a drink or two at a favorite haunt, Paw Purr’s on Court Street. After surveying the crowd and conducting a quick head count, I concluded that all of the roommates of a particular rental house on East Carpenter Street were also present and accounted for. Soooo…. the girls snuck out of Paw Purrs, and I’m sure with the stealthy nature of a cat, climbed through the kitchen window of their rental house over the sink. Thankfully, an empty sink. I don’t know that we even tried the front door. Anyway, we walked around the house and “borrowed” all of the lightbulbs. Every single stinkin’ one of them! And because that wasn’t evil enough, someone decided to amp it up and also steal all of their toilet paper. After disposing of the evidence, we returned to Paw Purr’s smiling like the Cheshire cat, did a head count, and breathed a sigh of relief.

Well… they never got mad. Which was totally weird as we would have heard about it.

Turns out the joke was on us because we hit the WRONG house. No lie. (It also explains why the sink was empty.)

The next weekend we called for a do-over but we got sloppy and over-confident (because we got away with it the week before), and this time we got caught red-handed. Oh the hilarity of three under the influence girls running out of the house and sliding onto the wintery iced sidewalk while trying to throw away evidence, all the while being chased by a couple of SAE’s that clearly didn’t find it all that funny.

Sigh. I miss those days.

Karma got me in the real world though. The funniest prank ever played on me was during the time when I was working at a manufacturing facility in Arlington. One day I came to work and Mark Champlin, (may he rest in peace), must have  cleared the shelves at Sam’s Club of every roll of pastel Saran Wrap. He had literally spent the whole night wrapping every single thing in my office. And I don’t mean, “Oh isn’t that cute he wrapped my office,” I mean it took me the whole day to unwrap it all! Even my overhead fluorescent lights were totally covered with pastel Saran Wrap. My phone was wrapped (and ringing), and then it was wrapped to my desk — which was completely wrapped from top to drawers to bottom. Yes, the chair too.  The bookcases were completely wrapped. The filing cabinets were wrapped. The power cords were wrapped. And when he ran out of Saran Wrap, he must’ve raided somewhere else for aluminum foil because there were several items “featured” with silver wrapping as well.

Mark was truly the funniest guy I’ve ever known. He is the same guy who would steal people’s keys during work and go out to the parking lot, raise the car up with cinder blocks just an inch off the ground, sneak the keys back into the victim’s desk and wait for them to go to lunch. The driver would get into the car, put the car into drive, and the wheels would spin but the car wouldn’t move. Sooooo funny to watch! And of course, we were all watching.

Mark didn’t save up all this creativity for April Fool’s Day. Once he took my boss’ car keys, opened the sunroof and filled the whole thing with packing peanuts. I still laugh to tears when I think of how she drove up to tell me what he had done and the air conditioner was still kicking up packing peanuts  over her car. It was like a real live snow globe!  Not only was she a little pissed about that, she hadn’t found the bumper sign yet that he had affixed saying, “Monica Lewinski on board.” Ahhh… the stories I have about his antics. Today is a such good day to remember them and him!

What’s the funniest prank you ever made or were victim to?




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