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Fun furniture for Kids

There’s probably only one thing I like better than dressing up the Princess Cupcake, and that’s decorating for her. I’ve been browser shopping for ideas for a game room makeover, and I’ve found a few things I’m totally swooning over.

Take a look:

This totally do-able DIY chalkboard table would be something we could both use. I may have to call for backup to get Big Daddy to fashion the benches for me.

chalkboard table

This totally do-able DIY chalkboard table would be something we could both use. I may have to call for backup to get Big Daddy to fashion the benches for me.

Or maybe we could use big shaggy sofa pillows to sit on.

shag pillows

Speaking of shaggy, this might be the perfect hidden storage for a small herd of her stuffed animals.

fur storage


Game rooms can get out of control pretty quick, especially with Legos flying all around. I love the functionality of this (also a DIY) Lego table. I’m pretty sure we could “pink” it up for her, and her growing collection of Lego Friends would finally find a home in the clear storage drawers.

lego table

But she’ll need to sit at it and I know she wouldn’t go for an office type chair. So many this adorable Hello Kitty chair from Toys R Us?


As long as we’re talking seating options, I am over the moon for this miniature sofa. How cute would it be in a reading nook?


I know she’d want this cheetah print bookcase from Hayneedle next to it to hold all her books.


She is a kid though, and they like nothing better than a ginormous bean bag to sit in, climb on, roll around in. These from Bean Bag Boss are incredibly fun looking. Mama may need a matching one for the media room since I fall asleep during every single stinkin’ movie anyway, I may as well be comfortable!

bean bag pink

They even have this hip pattern for boys.

rockstar beanbag

Or we could go all out horizontal with this furry sleeping bag from Pottery Barn Teens. I swear, sleepovers weren’t this hip when I was a kid! My red snoopy bag just can’t begin compare.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 10.12.27 AM

Do you have any unique storage or seating options for your kids gameroom?






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