Coming up with new Father’s Day gift ideas every year is a challenge. Buying for Dads is hard. I mean really hard. They either get what they want when they want it, or they won’t give you a single hint. I mean, how many BBQ sets and golf shirts with his favorite SEC team can one man own? Here are a few cool Father’s Day gift ideas based on things my own hubs has recently purchased, or hinted that he wanted, or honestly, I just wish he’d like.

Man crates

Image credit: ManCrates.com

Man Crates

This is a go-to site for me when I need a “manly” gift. Not only do they have food that dudes eat like jerky and nuts, they have custom gifts like growlers and cocktail glasses, or even kebob grilling kits and my favorite: DIY kits. What Dad wouldn’t like to make his own gin or knife? The best part is that you can get it shipped in a custom wood crate, or even get a gift card that is enclosed in a block of concrete that they have to crack open. It’s sure to make an impression and with plenty to offer, you can go back again and again.

Knife Sharpener

My hubs is a little OCD about having sharp knives to use when cooking. He recently asked me to order him this knife sharpener. I haven’t used it yet but he said it was “adequate,” which in this guy’s vernacular that means it’s good. Whether you get this one or another, I put knife sharpeners as a guy gadget they’d be happy to have.

Image credit: ember.com


Confession, as a coffee lover, I originally bought one of these temperature control mugs for myself and you can read my tried and true Ember review right here, but I think it’s a great office gift for the guy who likes to sip on his coffee for longer than it can hold its temperature. When I wrote the review, they didn’t have the bonus sizes or the variations in colors so it’s even more extra than before. This is good nice splurge for the guy who has everything. And there’s a travel version so Dad can have the perfect temp coffee when he’s on the go.

Image credit: Livelarq.com
Image credit: thecrazycap.com

Water Bottle

Larq self-sanitizing water bottle or the crazy cap topper. Everyone’s hydrating more these days and with offices eliminating the water bottles, it’s BYOBottle. Every man is for himself whether it’s at home, while camping, or at work. One thing we know Dad’s not great about is washing his bottles so this is a nice way to keep the germs at bay. The Larq bottle has a UV light in it to sanitize the water, or save a few dollars and get the cap only (fits most bottles). Oh, and get it monogrammed because Dad leaves things at the gym.

Image credit: thecrazycap.com

Custom Leather Goods

Leather everything. Are trucker hats his OOTD? Get a custom hat with his name or company logo on it at Holtz Leather. I especially like their handcrafted leather goods and leather DIY kits for the Dad who likes to be handy. I love that this is a family-owned company. And yes, I want all their mugs. This might be a site where the cart is full of one for him and one for me.

Image credit: CraftBeerKings.com


Craft Beer Kings – I discovered this site by purposeful accident, is that a thing? We had gone on a soccer trip to California and tasted a beer from Belching Beaver called Peanut Butter Stout. It was delicious – so much so, we spent the rest of our trip selecting restaurants purely on their beer list and whether or not this was on it. We even went to the brewery, discovered their Mexican Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout which we liked EVEN BETTER and then had to have all the swag. Sadly, Belching Beaver doesn’t ship to us in Texas… but Craft Beer Kings does! CBK has an insane selection of craft beers so if Dad’s into trying small labels and missing his favorite vacation beer, this is his new nirvana. And, there’s an app for that. I understand that too much selection can be overwhelming and if that’s the case, try craftbeerclub.com and let them do the selecting for you.

Image credit: yeti.com
Image credit: Yeti.com

Yeti Drinkware (or anything!)

Let’s be honest, as far as Father’s Day gift ideas go, really anything on the Yeti site is green-lit for Dad. If he’s already got a nice collection of travel mugs and coolers, then I recommend branching out into the customizable dog bowl, the lunch bag, or their dry bag backpack and duffle bags. Yay that Yeti has girl colors too because I could use all the things.

Off road no-spill mug

Speaking of travel cups, they don’t all fit in cup holders, especially those on your ride on mowers, ATV’s, and boats. I recently sent one of these Rough Rider Rugged Off-Road Mugs to my Unc to solve the tractor spillage problem. It has a Jell-Lock base and a tight locking lid to ensure the drinks stay inside the mug. This is one of those things that Dad didn’t realize he needed until he can’t live without it.

Quality Steak 

No list of Father’s Day gift ideas would be complete without some manly meat. Everyone’s eating at home more these days and with the whole meat shortage, what’s a guy to do? Check out Holygrailsteak.com to get prime cuts of Wagyu or Black Angus sent to him to fulfill his grilling dreams. Can’t go wrong with meat. Ever.


After the meat coma fades, make sure Dad has a righteous hammock to stretch out in. He can take chillaxing to a whole new level while he’s suspended from the trees in your back yard. I don’t have this one, but it looks like a good entry-level hammock to kick off summer. Extra points for the camping version so Dad can enjoy the time while camping too.

Image credit: Amazon.com

Custom car floor mats

True story, I may have ordered myself custom floor mats for my car for my anniversary present and he was jealous. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do when soccer cleats are involved on the daily, and you know he likes a clean car. Floor mats make car cleanup so much easier. I went straight to the dealer for ours. Pricey? Maybe. Glove like fit? For sure. No regrets. Here’s a more sensible option.

Image credit: SpoonfulofComfort.com

Soup Delivery Surprise

If Dad’s out of town or still social distancing, you can still make him dinner with Spoonful of Comfort. This soup delivery company will send several servings of soup, rolls, and cookies, along with a metal ladle to serve it. The presentation is really beautiful (but not in an overly-girly way) and the customer service top-notch. There are several soups to choose from. I recommend you spice it up with the “Some Like It Hot package” and add the “extra care comfy socks for him.”

Image credit: Amazon.com

Puzzle Projects

How about a new hobby for Dad? These Cardboard Animal Taxidermy Kits are quirky and fun and will definitely keep him busy for an afternoon if he’s put together all the puzzles in the house. Make it a family project and customize it with the markers and scrap fabric.

Image credit: Amazon.com

Grilled cheese toaster bags

These might be God’s gift to dad. Just load up your bread and cheese, put the whole thing in the toaster bag and pop it into the toaster. Okay, it might be God’s gift to you too because now you don’t have to clean up the kitchen. Either way, these are a winner.

Image credit: MyPhoto.com

Photo Blocks

I know, Dad’s got enough mugs and jewelry box things with the kid’s photos on them, BUT, this is my new favorite tiny gift. MyPhoto.com has these adorable little 2 inch by 2 inch square lucite blocks that you can create and display with a wood shelf. I had these made with our company’s recent awards and gave them to everyone at our celebration dinner. It was inexpensive and small, so it didn’t take a ton of space on their desk. My suggestion is to go through your Instagram feed to find your best square photos and create a set for Dad to put on his desk at work. He can switch out the blocks anytime!

Image credit: bottle keepers.com

Bottle Keeper

In keeping with the “Dad likes to keep drinks cold” theme, this bottle keeper caught my eye. I haven’t tried it yet, (it’s got loads of 5 star ratings) but I’m adding it to the list of pool accessories for the hubs. What I like about it is that it’s double-walled, the bottom comes off for easy beverage placement, the top has a bottle cap opener and it’s attached to the bottle, and you can cap it off.  The can keeper version seems to be a must have for summer soccer tournaments. Also, I like the cheeky “warm beer hatin’ support” chat function on the site if you have any questions about your customization options. Yep, you can get this laser engraved for Dad too. Well played, bottle keeper people!

That’s it. That’s my list. What are you getting Dad for Father’s Day this year???