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Elf on the Shelf Roundup

by | Dec 11, 2014 | Elf on a Shelf | 2 comments

We’re 12 days into our yearly visit from the Elf on the Shelf. I honestly don’t know how they come up with something new each night. They must be so exhausted! (*wink*)

In case you’ve missed our famous Elf on the Shelf duo, Chintz and Jewel, and their crazy antics on Instagram or Facebook, here’s a roundup of their nightly mischief so far.

Day 1 (November 30): Ta-dah! The elves have arrived with their traditional North Pole breakfast of powdered sugar donuts and candy canes.

north pole breakfast elf on the shelf

Day 2: Chintz has Cinderlla’s Lego carriage tied up to his Lego truck and taking Jewel for a spin, tubing style. They’ve clearly made a mess of things in the media room. I hate that the maids found it before I did.

(Not really.)

Lego Elf on the Shelf

Day 3: Oh Olaf, I fear you’ve been snowed. These Elf on the Shelf are not your friend.

olaf elf on the shelf

Day 4: Apparently word didn’t get to Sven to stay away from the elves. Clearly there’s some hostility towards the stars of that “other” movie.

frozen sven and elf on the shelf

Day 5: Nutcracker bowling in the hallway. SMH.

elf on the shelf nutcracker bowling

nutcracker bowling with elf on the shelf

Day 6: Aerial acrobatics in the pink plane. I smacked my head on this one no fewer than 3 times. Grumble.

elf on the shelf airplane

Day 7: New pj’s for the holiday party. “They” must have worked really hard on that poem late at night, and forgotten that the Princess Cupcake has grown like a weed. These will last about a week before they’re too short. Sigh.



Day 8: Inspired by the big Gingerbread House decorating win, Chintz and Jewel try their “hand” (do they even have hands?) at timed decorating.

elf on the shelf gingerbread house

Day 9: Looks like someone ordered a special Elf edition StichFix for the American Girl doll. And it also appears as if the elves liked their sweaters that the Princess Cupcake left out for them. I’m particularly fond of Jewel’s fur lined boots. They’re all just so well dressed. Bravo.

image15 image14 image13 image12

Day 10: The elves may have embarrassed her this time as she didn’t want anyone to know what they did. On the flip side, I think we may have solved the problem of the “forgetful flusher!”

forgetful flusher elf on the shelf

Day 11: C’mon, you know those Perler beads are addictive. Unfortunately it looks like Santa’s beard has taken all of what was left of the white.

pearler beads elf on the shelf

Day 12: Elf on the Shelf can be so helpful too! They gathered up all the stuff the Princess Cupcake left laying around the house for her. Sitting on it ensures it stays in the penalty box for a full 24 hours.

elf on the shelf clutter jail

I wonder what they’ll do for the next 12 days!




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