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Elf on a Shelf Deco Mesh

I love me some Deco Mesh. Nothing makes me happier than a delivery on my porch from Mardi Gras Outlet, stuffed full of sparkly, gorgeous, indestructible Deco Mesh. Ooooh, the poofy bowsplosion of possibilities it can bring.

elf on a shelf deco mesh garland in kids room

But what I didn’t know was that:

a) Deco Mesh garland does not shed like the real pine branches or fake branch garland does.

b) Deco Mesh with Christmas lights in it is just gorg!

c) Elf on a Shelf love Deco Mesh as much as I do.

d) Elf on a Shelf can do something nice for Mommy instead of making a mess for Mommy to clean up.

Thank you Elves. I love our Christmas deco mesh garland that you painstakingly putting up while the Cupcake was sleeping. The Cupcake was so surprised to wake up and see that Jewel had expertly displayed pink with pink lights in her room, (she is a girly one, that Jewel the Elf. First the Miss Texas dress-up day and now this…)

and that Chintz wrapped our staircase in a bold red and white stripe mesh with red and white lights. (Chintz clearly is an expert with Deco Mesh, you couldn’t even see his lights.) And as much as I like the traditional fabric and ribbons woven into the mesh, I’m glad those sweet Elf on a Shelf them out so the lights can really twinkle through. Somehow, it just didn’t feel like Christmas around here until the staircase was wrapped.

It’s probably a good thing you just left that last strand on the floor

deco mesh on floor

instead of trying to hang it above her window that’s over her bed like I did on Saturday morning.

deco mesh garland kids room

Because it fell down just a few minutes later — and I think a sleeping Princess Cupcake would appreciate a Deco Mesh assault even less than the awake Princess Cupcake that was ambushed by falling mesh.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the Cupcake is going to want to keep her doors wrapped for a long time after Christmas is over. And I also suspect that the Elves are not going to be sweet again tomorrow…

You can follow the antics of our Elf on a Shelf Chintz and Jewel here.


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