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It’s the Elf on the Shelf Pizza Party

It used to be every morning the Princess Cupcake would climb out of bed and find me wherever I was in the house. She’d come to get a hug and tell me good morning. Every morning. Every day. She didn’t go to find Daddy, she came and found me.

Until Chintz, the elf on a shelf arrived, followed soon after by his girl friend Jewel.

Now, she jumps out of bed and runs to find them. Then she comes to find me — to tell me, to come see THEM.

I’ve been bumped by elves. 12 days until I get my status back. 12 days….

This morning the Cupcake was VERY excited — I think even more so than the dishwasher shower from yesterday — to tell me that the Elf on a Shelf buddies were “PLAYING RESTAURANT!” And it was “…an elf on the shelf PIZZA PARTY!” (You have to read that like shouting because that’s how it was delivered to me. In a very high decibel.)

restaurant elf on a shelf

I thought the Elf on a Shelf were making their own pizza because there was shredded cheese all over the table, but that’s just splitting hairs.

pizza party elf on a shelf

Speaking of hairs, do you think Chintz should keep his mustache?

mustache elf on a shelf

Follow our Elf on a Shelf Chintz and Jewel’s daily antics. 


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