elf on a shelf goes fishing


“Chintz is REALLY funny, Mama!”
“Even when he did the green milk?”
“Uhhhh. I didn’t like the green milk.”


elf on a shelf fishingNo matter – It seems Chintz, our Elf on a Shelf,  has redeemed himself and his destructive ways this morning. I have no idea what she was expecting but it certainly wasn’t to find her crazy elf perched on her potty seat, fishing for goldfish in a deep blue bowl of water.

The Cupcake though it was a riot. She talked about it all the way to school.

I thought that’s where it would stop. I’ve asked her repeatedly if she was going to tell her teacher what her Elf on a Shelf does at home and she has told me flat out that she was not. Apparently Chintz has a Las Vegas clause in his contract with the big man – although she readily snitched to Santa about her naughty elf on a shelf.

Chintz antics this morning however must have blown the Las Vegas clause sky high. She told Miss Cleland right away that her Elf, “…threw GOLDFISH in the potty!”

But apparently she told her teacher about the green milk too. Whoops. I suppose teachers and Santa are about on par when it comes to secrets.

Regardless, recent conversations lead me to believe that we’re back to Elf “Winning.”


Potty Fishing for Elves Tips: (because you just never know when they might come in handy)

1) I didn’t want to put food coloring in the toilet so I squirted blue toilet bowl cleaner like I was going to clean it, but then didn’t flush so the color would stay in the bowl and on the sides. I can’t even believe I am discussing toilet cleaning on my blog. Bleh. Must move on.

2) I waited until this morning to drop the goldfish in. These are the natural colors goldfish and they do disintegrate in water – I can’t imagine what they would look like after soaking in blue cleaner all night! Probably as gross as the green oatmeal I ate yesterday for breakfast.

3) Floral wire is your friend! I made the fishing pole from a chopstick or some random skewer stick I found in a drawer and wrapped floral wire around it and the goldfish cracker. It’s also how I attached the marker to his hand when we discovered elf on a shelf graffiti all over her pictures. (She thought that one was hilarious too.)

Special thanks to Nan at the Vintage House, (our Elf on a Shelf adoption headquarters), for this idea!

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