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Elf on a Shelf Jewelry Raid

by | Dec 20, 2011 | Elf on a Shelf | 0 comments

elfon a shelf jewelryMove over Santa. Apparently diamonds and jewels are an Elf’s best friend.

The Princess searched high and low for her Elf on a Shelf this morning.  We walked the whole house and she had almost given up when she finally went back into her room and looked at the bathroom counter.

THERE HE IS! LOOK MOM! WOW! That’s a whole lot of goodness gracious!”

I guess she didn’t think he’d be right under her nose, draped in most of her jewelry, a few diamond paperweights and a music box. It looked like Mardi Gras threw up on her vanity.

elf on a shelf earrings“Mom! He has sticker earrings on!” (Daddy will love that one, after wearing the tutu while flying with Tinkerbell, he’s been questioning Chintz’s manliness on a somewhat regular basis.)

After a good few minutes to soak it in, she went and dragged Daddy out of bed to show him the big mess too.

I left before she pointed out the earrings.

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