elf on shelf road rally

elf on a shelf road rallyWhen I am out of ideas for Chintz, I can always trust that Cupcake is going to come up with her own great ideas when I ask her what she thinks her Elf on a Shelf is going to get up to.  Last night she said she thought he would do “something funny with Strawberry Shortcake.”

Not surprising at all since she just got a new Strawberry Shortcake doll. But after the green milk and the toilet paper, Elf on a Shelf Fails I didn’t dare torment her by having Chintz do something that would prevent her from playing with her toy du jour.

elf on a shelf road rallySo a road rally it is! One of the Cupcake’s favorite shows is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – Road Rally where the whole clubhouse crew hops on a different wheeled vehicle and goes — heck, I can’t remember where they go. But it’s a road rally. So I knew she’d get it.

Also a little appropriate as the Elf would be having to take his antics across state lines soon.


Beep Beep…


And just in case you missed this  this cinematic great – here is my inspiration for the Elf on a Shelf Road Rally: