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Elf keep-away

by | Dec 11, 2013 | Elf on a Shelf | 0 comments

The puggies are not amused.

Not at all.

The Princess Cupcake’s Elf on the Shelf Chintz and Jewel stole all their doggie stuff last night and hid it in the oven, knowing full well we can’t get to it without touching them.

elf on shelf stole dog stuff

Dog food, bowl, leash, greenies, and gasp — Beau Beau’s favorite toy.

2013-12-11 10.40.51

Beau Beau LOVES his red toy.

pug toy

Perhaps they were sending them a message about the consequences of acting out and barking altogether too much. After all, Beau Beau was not so well behaved at the mall last night when he went to see Santa Paws.

2013-12-10 18.58.20 2013-12-10 18.21.00-2

The puggies did enjoy shopping though. 🙂

pugs shopping mall at christmas





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