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Easy Hair Chalking for Kids

Wacky Wednesday. Such a challenge.

Of course, we’re all in. I had asked the Princess Cupcake a week before it if we could dye her hair colors. She thought it was a great idea.

Only thing was I wasn’t totally sure how we’d do it. I didn’t want to buy a bunch of colored spray for her hair.

pastels for hair chalkingI had seen a hair rub product advertised and mistakenly thought it was mainstream enough to be carried at Sally Beauty. Once again, I was more on-trend than the hapless employees who tried to sell me permanent pink hair color. I kept asking if it was permanent, I needed it to wash out. “It will – eventually.” Good grief. I can’t have my 4 year old walking around like Katie Perry for a month.

I remembered reading about hair chalking and did a little research on this highly guarded Hollywood secret.

Armed with my 40% off coupon for Michaels, I purchased this set of pastels for $3.24- the uber secret to do an easy hair chalking for kids.

This is so difficult to use, are you ready?

Wet the hair with your fingers. Wet the pastel. Draw on hair.

That’s it. Hair chalking. Brilliant.


How to Hair Chalk – Trial Run

We had a hair chalking trial run Tuesday before Wacky Wednesday and it went something like this:

hair chalking for kids wacky wednesday hair chalk hair chalking for kids

She squeeled with delight at the rainbow opportunity of “hair dye” and loved drawing colors all over her hair. And face. It was the best $3.24 I’ve ever spent on her. Totally doing this the next time she has a friend over. Can’t you just see the other mom’s face when she picks up her kid, SURPRISE!

fun with hair chalking

The best part? It washes right out. After all, it’s chalk. The dark purple pigment even washed out of my white shirt.

Now I have read that to “seal” it in, you should use a flat iron or ceramic curler. Neither of which my Princess Cupcake has any interest in. So we didn’t.

The next morning, Princess Cupcake, as hard as she tried to be “wacky” just couldn’t quite go the distance.

We set off on a good course: one slipper, one sparkly shoe, orange and black tights, pink tutu skirt, pajama top and Minnie mouse ears.

But by the time we were leaving for Wacky Wednesday, she had ditched the mismatched shoes and put on her pink cowboy boots.

She picked a pajama top that was pink and didn’t look like pajamas. The fact that it was backwards was barely noticeable.

We tried to get her to wear one of the hubs ties as a belt. No dice.

Suggested something funny as jewelry. She wanted to wear a balloon necklace. We were out of balloons.

Unlike Trial Run Tuesday, she only wanted the three shades of purple in her hair for Wacky Wednesday. But I streaked it root to tip in stripes around her head.

So we tried, right?


  • When purchasing the pastels, do not get the kind with oil in them. I didn’t test it, but I’m told they are not ideal for hair chalking. 
  • Do not use sidewalk chalk (too dry) 
  • You can also wet the hair with hair gel or hair spray to get the hair chalk to stick 
  • Make the color darker than you want it to be when it’s dry. It will lighten up as it dries.

Sorry I do not have a photo of the final result (all that chalking made us late and I lost my head) but you can see a number of hair chalk examples on Pinterest and Google. And really, this is so cool… why stop with your kids hair?!


  1. We used the exact same thing for Drew…he chose purple & green and looked like the Joker; except for his batman shirt and scooby pants 🙂 I think I am going to try it for my hair one day!

    • I know! I totally want to put some streak in my hair too! I saw Drew’s cute hair, I was going to ask you how you did it. 🙂


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