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DIY Dinosaur Planters

Y’alllllll dollar store crafts are THE best. I love a good DIY that you can put together as a great knockoff from a major retailer for a fraction of the cost.

So let me just put this out there – this was NOT my idea. I have this thing called Craft Exchange that I started many moons ago where we all make cool stuff and give it to each other. And Vanessa showed up with dinosaur planters like these:


And then she gave me this:

And we all went:


And told us it was a knockoff from this:

And we all were like, I can’t wait to get to the dollar store!!!!


The Cupcake and I raided our local Dollar Tree to make our own dinosaur planters, but sadly the succulents were sold out. We did find some replacements for not a lot more at Walmart so this craft still checks all the boxes for an inexpensive DIY.

Here’s my how-to’s:

Funny story with this. As I was making this video, I’m in the garage of our new house where I know NO ONE in our new neighborhood. No one. I have the door open because I’m spray painting and it’s 1,000 degrees in Hades, Texas and I like to be able to breathe and I hear this, “Helloooooooo. I wanted to introduce myself…”

I literally turned around while it surely appears to be me talking to myself (I’m making this video) as I am sawing apart a plastic dinosaur with a knife. Tell me she didn’t think the weirdo of the year just became her new neighbor. Mmmm, yeah. After that, I forgot to take any more video of the actual making of the dinosaurs so… photo evidence only.

Still, this is so easy, you don’t need a video to show you how to make these adorable dinosaur planters. 

All you need is:

  • gold (or any color) paint
  • plastic dinosaurs, bugs, cars, whatever
  • faux succulents, trim stems if too long
  • fake moss
  • hot glue gun
  • knife

All you do is:

  1. Cut a medium hole in the back of the dinosaur
  2. Spray paint the dinosaur and let dry
  3. Stuff a pinch of moss into the cutout and hot glue in place
  4. Put hot glue on underside and stem of succulent and smush into the moss


dinosaur planters


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