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Discovering Kinokuniya in Carrollton

Don’t you love how bookstores are so much more than bookstores? I could get lost in one for hours, exploring all the titles and the interesting, more cerebral, unexpected offerings.

“I love all bookstores. Once you walk into a bookstore, time stands still.”Alec Baldwin

If you are also are afflicted with bibliophilism (the love of books) as Alec and I are, you’ll want to check out a new local bookstore to our area called Kinokuniya. Yep, it’s a Japanese bookstore, but don’t even think that everything is in Japanese (although much is). There are aisles of Japanese manga, and anime, books and cookbooks and collectibles and so much more in Japanese … I know, you’re like: Okay, I’m not Japanese – why would I go there?

Kinokuniya Texas
Japanese manga

Because Kinokuniya has so much – like I’m stumbling on where to start to my recount our visit! I promise, there’s more than plenty for an average English-is-my-only-language person like me to fall in love with. Yes, they have mainstream books. In fact, the Cupcake was thrilled to find the entire series of Diary of the Whimpy Kid. For me, I knew I was among my people when I spied this collection of cookbooks all in a row.

must have cookbooks

But this is no Barnes and Noble. THIS is a cultural adventure. If you’re into planners or drawing or reading or anything manga and anime or find joy in giving unique greeting cards, Kinokuniya is your new happy place.

greeting cards at Kinokuniya

For starters my stationary and planner addict friends — there’s a row+ of journals – and not just Moleskine (although they do have an impressive collection of those) but also French journals (like we found at Magnolia), bullet journals, lined and unlined, leather and coated paper covered journals, and drawing tablets and drawing books, and blank books with artistic covers I’ve never heard of but instantly wanted a collection of. And speaking of a collection, I’ve not seen a more impressive selection of colored pens, pencils and mechanical pencils – ever.

pen heaven

They even have build-your-own 4 color pens (remember those from growing up? Where you click down the color you want to use?)

custom pen selection at Kinokuniya

and Scandinavian pens that are guaranteed to work for 7 years. Taking an almost 9 year old in there was financial suicide. I mean, how can you say “no” to a collection of scented gel highlighters? The kid in me just kept saying, “yes” to all the things over-flowing from her tiny hands. She was determined not to leave without Pusheen as well. She found a Pusheen pen case (to put her fistful of new pens in) and a backpack plushie of rainbow unicorn Pusheen. Yeah, I might be a little jealous of the last one.

Kinokuniya pusheen

So while I wanted my budding illustrator to have all the fun of discovering and acquiring specialty pens (yes, the selection is also very well-suited for artistry and adults), I was particularly drawn to the “stuff” in the back left corner. The solar fabric sheets, the projector for my iphone and the washi tape printer. You heard me, a washi tape printer. IT PRINTS ON THE WASHI TAPE. {{Be still my crafting heart. }}

artists paper

They also had a delicious collection of packaged and artisan soaps, and lotions and perfume,

packed artisan soap
artisan soaps at Kinokuniya

wax stamp kits, EVERTHING CATS, (including Sushi Cat),

washi tape printer
cat collection at Kinokuniya

(The cats were everywhere, really.) Pokemon, for heaven’s sake, they had a whole display of character sticky notes. Not even kidding.

Pusheen heaven

The kids will love it.

toys at Kinokuniya

I can’t begin to list ALL of the treasures beyond books tucked into every corner of Kinokuniya, and trust me, I wandered it for probably an hour, taking in as much as I could. It’s a good thing it’s not super convenient for me to go to this location (another is opening in Plano in April!), but you’ve heard about my love for DAISO, the Japanese dollar store. That’s in  Carrollton Town Center (SW corner of Old Denton and GWB), practically my shopping center neighbor. That equals a fun weekend afternoon of shopping if you ask me, regardless of the drive. In fact, I recently lost my mind in there after the Texas storms and the result is an unboxing video and post about my Daiso Haul of Crafting Supplies.

If you haven’t been in a while, this whole center has exploded with awesomeness. There are a slew of new restaurants either open or building out with the promise of gastrointestinal delight (Japanese crepes, I’m coming for you! And Cajun Kitchen – you’ve got my number). If the crowded parking lot and 40+ person line at 85˚ C bakery is any sign, this place is the new “it” place for a revitalized Carrollton.

Want to know more about Kinokuniya? Visit their website here: Their Facebook page here.  Or one of their many worldwide locations here.

giant pusheen plush

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