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Crawfish Boil Cupcakes

In my day job, I’m a marketing consultant helping companies make their mark. Sometimes that means I get to do fun things like have t-shirts made for my client’s 10th Anniversary Crawfish Boil. Aren’t they cute?

CB tshirt

Because it is not in my nature to arrive at a party empty-handed, I knew I had to take something. Uhhh … so what can you take to a Crawfish Boil? Well, Crawfish Boil Cupcakes, of course.

crawfish boil cupcakes

And since the hubs failed to see the connection, I’ll explain each element. The foil cupcake liners are supposed to be the metal pot that they cook in. The blue cake and icing are the water they boil in (the tops have sparking sugar sprinkled on for extra dimension). The yellow fondant pieces are the corn, the brown candies are Boston Baked Beans and represent the potatoes. I made the crawfish cupcake toppers with the print-n-cut on my silhouette and stuck them onto red and white striped paper straws. There’s blue and clear sparkling sugars on the cupcakes along with a little smudge of edible glitter. Everything’s better with a little sparkle.

crawfish boil cupcakes

If I didn’t have this cool artwork to work with for the toppers, I would have ordered these cupcake toppers from MardiGras outlet. BTW, they have EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING you could want to throw a crawfish boil…

mardi gras ourlet crawfish toppers

So I might not have stopped at the cupcakes. I might have made these cups to give as well…

margarita glasses customized with vinyl

Cheers to crawfish season!

cheers to crawfish season

crawfish on table

We like to play with our food…

big crawfish

She still thinks it’s ewwwwww…..

little girl holding crawfish

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