At Mommy Upgrade, we’re passionate about the things that make a mom’s a little more colorful, a little more significant: STEM education, youth sports, local family events, DIY, pet products, home decor, and we unabashedly embrace our gadget geekiness. Shopping is our cardio and donuts are considered a major food group. The day doesn’t begin without a coffee (or two) – and make sure there’s another around 3 p.m. Trista will do sponsored travel posts, but prefers them to be family and pet-friendly as “Perots Geaux” in a pack, however we would make exceptions for international destinations — duh. 😉

Think MommyUpgrade is your perfect brand or media partner? Want Trista to appear on your show, at your event, review your product or sponsor a post?

Please contact Trista by completing the form below, or leave a note with coffee before noon and wine after 5 at the address at the bottom of the page.

  • Reviews
  • TV appearences
  • Ad spots
  • Brand ambassadorships
  • Giveaways
  • Sponsored posts

We love our brand sponsors and truly want to create a unique campaign for you! A Mommy Upgrade Media kit is available upon request, however, our preference is to have a conversation about your unique business and how it benefits moms, and then tailor a promotion that is fun for everyone.

Please note: Providing quality editorial content on MommyUpgrade is a thoughtful process, often involving a team of people and countless hours to attend an event/create a project, draft at story, edit, provide visuals, create videos, promote on all the social networks, etc. Revenue to support the efforts of the team is generated from affiliated sales, advertising on the site and sponsored content (which is clearly identified). We carefully balance our content with both hosted information and organic features, but we recognize that not all fabulous businesses or organizations have big budgets to work with digital influencers. Our primary focus is to provide a great experience to people when they visit MommyUpgrade, whether it’s a paid feature story or not, so don’t let a limited budget hold you back. If you feel like your audience matches up with ours perfectly, tell us about what you have going on. If we have an opening in our calendar and you’ve got something that resonates with our active moms, we’d love to feature you. Please be patient though, we may need some runway. We have been known to schedule content as far as three months out, particularly around the holidays!

Reach out to us on this form below.


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