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Celebrate Italian Day!


Happy Italian Day!

Today, June 2nd is officially, “Republic Day” or Festa della Repubblica in Italian. It is essentially the Italian version of our July 4th, a day which celebrates the Italians’ 1946 decision to ditch their monarchy ways and become a republic. Celebrations abound throughout the county, and always include a parade.

While I’m not Italian, I do appreciate so many aspects of the Italian culture: Wine, pizza, pasta, gelato, big laughs, and a beautiful country and romantic language. Really, any excuse to have Italian Day is fine by me, but today… is special.

So to my Italian friends, let’s raise a fork and clink our glasses in celebration!

In fact, I was celebrating on Life Minute TV on KTEN-TV this morning with Sarah Strackhouse – who just happens to be ½ Italian.

KTEN with Sarah Strackhouse

Here’s the full segment:

We both agreed, first things first: the vino.

I brought with me three fantastic wines from Santa Margherita that would be perfect to toast Italian Day:

santa margherita pinot grigio

Pinot Grigio – who doesn’t love the dry, clean taste of this summer classic? It pairs perfectly with fish and seafood, pasta and risotto, and any of the fresh, lighter fare of outdoor dining.


Prosecco – so trendy these days, Prosecco is the sparkling wine of choice for parties. This fruity bouquet of apples and peach blossoms compliments sweeter foods like biscuits, pastries and cake.


Chianti Classico – a red wine favorite for red sauce pastas, pizza and spiced lamb dishes, this delicious Tuscan darling boasts of flowers, fruit, spices and gunflint.

The price point for each of these bottles ranges between $20 – $30. You can find them at your local retailer or at Check out the story of Stanta Margherta winery here.

Once we’ve whet our whistle, let’s get our tummy ready! Italians have amazing food, a pasta-lover’s mecca — but what if you’re gluten-free or vegan? Does that mean no pasta?

pulse pasta from explore cuisine

Nope! These made-in-Italy pulse pastas from Explore Cuisine aren’t your everyday pastas. They are made from dry beans like split peas, chick peas, and lentils. They are the perfect way to put a healthier, organic and non-GMO twist on your classic Italian dishes. They are high in fiber and nutrients that give you a flat belly, keep you full longer, and help lower LDL-cholesterol levels.

Speaking of dishes, you’ll want some beautiful oven-to-table cookware to make your Italian Day meals.


Who wouldn’t love this beauty from Lagostina? The Minestrone e Polenta 5-quart stainless steel pot has a curved bottom that helps to prevent sticking, makes mixing easier and aids water absorption. There’s a lot of science behind this pot, its base has 5 alternating layers of aluminum and stainless steel to provide rapid, even heating.

I always love a little sweet after a great meal, it doesn’t seem complete without it. How about grabbing the Prosecco and these delicious Bauli chocolate-filled croissants?

bauli croissant

Bauli is Italy’s premier baker since 1922 and famous for scrumptious cakes and pastries. These authentic oven-baked pastries are straight from Verona, Italy and still have no preservatives and are made with naturally leavened dough. They’re only 50 calories each!


Author note: While I wasn’t paid for this appearance and post, I was provided the products that appear above for review. All opinions are my own.


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