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Bobbie Thomas and Glo Professional

I knew when I put my hair up that morning that it was a mistake. I was not rockin’ the cool mom look. And draped in the men’s size Eagles team spirit shirt, I was pushing the limits of what I’d even wear to the grocery store. But really, when you’re following your kid around to a soccer game, team lunch, and then to an outdoor t-ball game in this Texas oven, you gotta make some sacrifices for the sake of time.

And… sometimes that’s no excuse for sporting the Saturday “Fashion Don’t” look. Like when Bobbie Thomas, Style Editor of the NBC Today Show, walks up to meet your “adorable” daughter in said matching team uniform as the little stinker crumples a smelly blanket in front of her face and pretends she’s not there.

That’s when I’d like to have crawled into a hole.

I had gotten an email about Bobbie Thomas coming to Willow Bend Mall to introduce Glo Minerals Cosmetics, but I stifled the my curiosity when I realized it didn’t mesh with the Princess Cupcake’s full roster of Saturday activities. It was just a happy accident that the Coach picked Willow Bend Mall for our team lunch (he was a homing pigeon for the Puma store in his previous life), and that we parked at Neiman Marcus so we could be in the shade, which thankfully required us to walk right past the Glo Mineral MakeUp exhibit. The exhibit that I had blocked from my memory since I couldn’t be tempted to attend. But the second I laid eyes on it, it flashed  back. I also recalled my disappointment that Bobbie Thomas was not going to be there until I was to be firmly seated in a pool of perspiration beside the dusty t-ball field — but none-the-less I chose to forgoe eating lunch so that I could indulge in a little Mom-time, aka free makeover, and convinced another soccer mom to come too.

Having an eyelid allergy challenge lately, I was intrigued by the dermatologists’ stamp of approval of this miracle makeup in hopes that it would somehow solve the bane of my makeup existence. Not to mention that it would fix my sudden under eye desert that has blessed me with a road map of new wrinkles. I was as happy as a puppy with two tails to have a professional makeup artist redo my hastily applied face while at the same time educating myself about Glo Minerals pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, natural high-pigment minerals and powerful antioxidants. Plus, the Glo people promised it wouldn’t sweat off at t-ball. Score!

I was mulling all that over  when I heard, “I just want to eat her up, she’s so cute!”

There’s that flicker of an instant where you’re like, “Huh… I think I know that person but yeah, not so much….” And then your heart skips a beat when you slam it together that you’re looking at someone in the flesh that you’ve watched on TV a thousand times over the years.

Standing before me was Bobbie Thomas herself, gushing over the not so impressed Princess Cupcake. In the Cupcake’s defense, the only television personality she recognizes is Tori Spelling because she hosted the My Little Pony Royal Wedding that we have to watch on the DVR ad nauseum. (Bobbie, you might need to get a hook up on The Hub or Yo Gabba Gabba to score some points with the 4 year old crowd. Just saying’.)

Aside from my embarrassment from my suddenly anti-social preschooler, I was beaming that I got to actually meet Bobbie Thomas after all. She’s so stinkin adorable, as nice as any Southerner you’ll ever meet, and let’s face it — her shoe choice should be revered. I found myself feeling obligated to show her the Cupcake’s dance recital photos just to prove that the scowl on her face was not permanent. Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking. Cute child smiling WITH lots of makeup on? I thought the makeup part was the segue and it was totally relevant. I was caught up in the moment for sure.

For a second I forgot that Bobbie Thomas was not one of my long-lost girlfriends, but a complete stranger who happens to have a job that allows me to maintain this one-way girlfriendship with her. But after talking with Bobbie about how she at 37 had just recently gotten engaged (no, they don’t have a date yet) and having kids as an older mom (she wants them, it’s not too late, I was 38), and hearing her make-up secret to not looking tired (she uses the angled brush to put highligher in the corners of her under-eyes), geez, I didn’t want to go to the soccer game after all that fun smashed into a couple of short minutes. I wanted to go for drinks with my new bestie Bobbie!

Except now I had the Hubs scowling at me too because the only female television personalities he recognizes are on the Golf Channel or ESPN College Game Day and he was ready to get to the soccer field like 15 minutes ago.

But first, a photo:

Bobbie Thomas and Trista Perot

Me, Bobbie and Debbie


And I swear this must have been the most genuine “soccer mom” encounter that Bobbie Thomas has ever had. She definitely wanted the team shirts in the picture. Really, what could be more appropriate for her travel scrapbook than a photo of her posting with a couple of bonafide suburban soccer moms at a Plano mall? Now documented and fearing the reality of her future Soccer Mom wardrobe requirements, she surely couldn’t jet back to hip and happening New York City fast enough, where even the team uniforms are more fashionable than middle America.

Alas, I managed to tear myself away from my new buddy and as we were driving to the soccer game, I texted my real BFF the photo. You can see her thoughtful response:

Bobbie Thomas Glo Professional

Because your BFF is the one person who is going to keep it real for you even though she has the same shirt in her closet too.

And so the moral of this story is, always take a few extra minutes to fix your hair and fight for team shirts in girl sizes because you never know when Bobbie Thomas just might show up and want a photo.

UPDATE: I got a call yesterday that I had won one of the $100 door prize drawings from Glo Therapeuticals. I’m so excited! Have you tried any of the Glo products? Let me hear what you recommend!



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