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Beau Beau, the not so perfect pug

silly puggie

This is Beaureguarde, aka “Beau Beau.”

He’s my silly boy and I just love those squidgy cheeks and big puppy dog eyes however much as it pains me to admit it, Beau Beau is not a perfect pug. No, my beautiful Beau has a very bad habit. Like many of his pugly brethren, Beaureguarde loves to chew.

Beau’s hobby is stuffy destruction. He chews up toys.

guilty pug

This one used to have 10 legs and two antennae. Oh yeah, and the rest of its face.

dog toy catepillar

Even the one’s with “chew guard technology” are no match for these jaws of steel.

chewed up dog toy

If that toy has an arm, a leg, a wing, a tail, it’s merely an entry point in which he can gain access to the inner fluffy magic that they contain.

pug's favorite red toy

He’s not terribly choosy. Occasionally he will help himself to the Cupcake’s toys, which leads to plenty of tear-filled moments. (And lots of mama huffing and puffing when I have to sew a replacement leg on it.)

chewed up pig

And if the Cupcake’s stuffies are all locked up, then he’s not opposed to chewing the corners off his beddie. He does not discriminate. In fact, he’s quite opportunistic.

Chewed corner of dog bed

Although I feel as though Beignet may find all that yanking on the bed a tad bit annoying, if you know what I mean.

Which is why we were ALL so thrilled when PETSMART sent this beautiful K&H bed to the puggies!

K&H bed from petsmart

Not only were the puggies in need of a new beddie, the best part is that it has NO CORNERS!

beau beau loves his new Petsmart dog bed

This pretty Delux Ortho Sleeper is made with recycled materials which is a really great thing because when Beau Beau figures out how to make a corner on it, the fuzz he pulls out will be biobased materials. Even the polyfil is made from recycled bottles. And it’s so comfy, even I curl up on it with them sometimes! The bolster sides are the perfect height for pug chins.

bolster on k&h petsmart bed

I loved this bed so much, I cruised around on the PETSMART website to see what else K&H makes that Beau Beau can eat — I mean, sleep on. I found a couple of things that he’ll likely have on his puppy wish list in the near future.

It gets pretty hot in the summer in Texas, and pugs — especially black ones — don’t do well in the heat. This Cool Bed II Pet Bed is a great invention for post walk cool downs. I suspect it’s better than sprawling out on the cold tile. And might come in handy for the humans after a good jog around the neighborhood.

cool pet bed

But his sister, on the other hand, has been known to hog the heating pad when it’s left on the bed. She seems to be aging faster than he would and her achy bones would probably really like this Ortho ThermoBed Heated Pet Bed.

heated pet bed from K&H

quilted cargo coverPersonally, I think this trunk cover is pure genius. The puggies may not like it, but I do! This quilted cargo cover would save the back of my SUV from little puggie scratches. And we won’t talk about the hair. Oh the hair!


But inevitably, they always jump over the backseat and end up riding in the main area of the car. Grrr. This Travel Safety Car Barrier would keep Beni from going back and forth from front to back while she vacuum’s for food that the Princess Cupcake has jettisoned to every nook and cranny.

seat barrier


And lastly, a favorite at our house that’s in serious need an upgrade: The CleanFlow™ Reservoir Pet Bowl is a running fountain of filtered water for your pets. Our dogs have always loved it. If you don’t have one, it’s worth the added investment with how much they enjoy the fresh running water — and how infrequently you have to fill it.

pet fountain

I found all these great products on  I wasn’t compensated for this post, but it was prompted by our surprise gift and all opinions are my own. Pugs and kisses to you PetSmart!


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