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Balloon on a bottle Halloween DIY

I’m a little obsessed with balloons lately.

There’s nothing more festive than having a bunch of balloons wafting above your party table to set the mood. I can’t even imagine a birthday without them, or a clown for that matter.

Mostly all that goes into balloons is air, helium or water, right? Sometimes you may also fill them with glitter or money if you’ve been pinning.

But what I’m most in love with right now, is putting a bottle into the balloon! It’s an inexpensive, fast, waterproof way to decorate a bottle for a centerpiece on your table or your holiday display.

harvest decoration with ballon and bottle

Here’s one I did recently for Halloween. And when Halloween is over, just take the pick out.

balloon bottle halloween table decoration

All you need to make this is:

  • Empty frappacino bottle (or other small bottle)
  • A 646 twisting balloons (you can get a multi-pack here)
  • Some ribbon, bakers twine or rope.
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Beans
  • Couple of fake flowers
  • Halloweenish floral pick
  • Beans

The tricky part is getting the bottle into the balloon. Here’s a short video to show you how:


After you’ve put your balloon on the bottle, simply tie the rope around the top where the balloon and bottle meet. I usually put a dab of hot glue to keep it in place. For this one, I also added one of the leaves from the fake flowers.

HINT: Put some beans in the bottom of the bottle to give it a little weight. It will be less likely to tip over.

Insert your flowers and Halloween pick and you are DONE.

Seriously, it takes like 10 minutes tops.

Here’s another one I made to look like a black cat. The head, muzzle and nose are pompoms. Add google eyes and some felt ears, and pipe cleaner whiskers and your kids are sure to love it. I left the balloon long (instead of trimming it like in the video) to look like his tail.

balloon bottle black cat

You can put flowers in him too. 🙂

balloon bottle halloween decoration

My mind is whirling on how many different ways to use this easy and inexpensive decoration! You could draw on the balloons with sharpie. You could do them in rainbow colors… What would you make?


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