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Amazon Prime Wardrobe review

Let’s talk shopping. If you’ve followed my YouTube channel, you know that for a loooooong time I was a Stitch Fix junkie. I really don’t like shopping for clothes and Stitch Fix is — in theory — the perfect upgrade for the busy mom who avoids the mall at all costs. Admittedly, I’m not a fan of boutique shopping either. I just don’t really like shopping for clothes.

So being that I am constantly seeking the go-around to mall visits (especially with my 10 yo who LOVES spending time at the mall – gag) I recently tried Amazon’s version of the subscription clothes box, Prime Wardrobe""“>Amazon’s Wardrobe has a bit of a different spin on it than most wardrobe by mail. If you’ve tried StitchFix, you know that you create a profile, they send you clothes on a preset timed basis, you keep what you like and send back what you don’t. Hence, subscription.

Here’s where it’s different. 


Brilliant, right? 

Well, when I tried it, it still had a few kinks to work out.

Here was my initial order.


For example, when I’d shop in  Not cool.

Also, one of the items I ordered had several photos and one video.

This was the one I wanted.

I received the item like the video which was completely different than what I wanted.

This was what I got.

I mean, not awful. It was actually kind of cute on, but nothing like the photo, right?

Other than those two weirdnesses, the program was actually pretty good — IF you want to spend the time combing through clothes online. You are able to sort by brand (Theory, Hudson, Calvin Klein, Ariat, Jessica Simpson, so so many…) and they do group them by style if you want to look at them that way as well. But the shopping piece is definitely where StitchFix has the serious advantage. You don’t spend any time with StitchFix, it just arrives because your stylist has chosen your wardrobe for you. With Amazon Wardrobe, you choose it yourself. 

Also different:  That’s a plot twist.

Would I do it again?

Yes, yes I would. In fact, I actually have another basket started right now.

On my first

Do I think  

Yes, yes I do. And I hope they do continue to work on it by increasing the selection of brands and style. I’d love to see more stylized photos with real women so you can have a better idea of the clothing as well. Once you know your size for certain brands, this would be a no-brainer. Just hop online, pick out something you like and have it sent to you. I am not sure if these are the latest styles though, but overall, I can see me going back to it again because it definitely checks the box of mall avoidance 101! 😉

Hey y’all!

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