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Thanksgiving Traditions

This post is sponsored by Just Right Pets by Purina. The beast and I are brand insiders, however all opinions are my own.

We’re off on our Thanksgiving adventure and the little one is abuzz with the anticipation of turkey and rolls, and cousins she hasn’t seen in ages. It’s tradition to gather our family together for the holiday, the menfolk “slave” over the frying of the turkey, the women assemble the abundance of sides – both traditional and new gourmet angling to make it on the yearly rotation.

The best move ever was getting the guys to make the turkey outside, am I right? It frees up the oven rush hour so timing the meal is so much easier. Granted, if you’re frying a turkey in oil, you’re in for an expensive mess, not to mention a fire hazard. I wholeheartedly recommend getting an infrared fryer instead of the deep oil fryers of deep south tradition. We got one a few years ago and never looked back. It takes a few extra minutes per pound, but totally worth it and it practically pays for itself in the savings just from the oil in just two uses. And… it keeps the men outside longer. 😉 Not always a bad thing.

While they are working hard at watching the bird fry, you can guarantee that we’ll have the classics on deck: corn soufflé, cranberry casserole, cornbread dressing, green bean casserole.. My dad will make his favorite jambalaya – lightly seasoned with Tony Cacheres (the salt of the South) and the local family will lay out something Pinterest-worthy with ingredients you’d never imagine but they’ve managed to scour the stores to find all the ingredients for. There’s tons of laughter, probably too much booze (no one is driving) and a whole lot of football.

The formula is the same each year, comforting with tradition, but still always missing one thing: our fur babies. We literally plan our holiday flights around the boarding schedule of our family’s veterinary clinic – because quite frankly, it’s whom we trust the most with our precious fur-family. And as much as we absolutely love Thanksgiving and being surrounded by our human family, we have a hole in our hearts for those warm snuggles and cold noses to cuddle with at the end of the day.

So while we’re donning our stretchy pants and overindulging on all things Thanksgiving, our pups are tucked away safely, dining on their food from home, likely missing us even more than we miss them. They aren’t getting shorted any meals though. We packed those along with their toys because we wanted to make sure they have their balanced diet even when they’re away from home. The beast takes his personalized blend from Just Right Pets from Purina. Just like we plan every detail and every ingredient for the perfect meal for Thanksgiving, Just right by Purina puts the same thought into my beast’s food by including his favorites like non-GMO salmon and chicken and highly local sourced vegetables. And while we may gravitate towards trendy appetizers and crazy beverages, I know that Just Right by Purina won’t bend to the latest fads that might make my snuggle buddy’s tummy upset. I also love that Purina adopts a sustainable approach to making pet food. They don’t sacrifice animals solely for pet food. They use what the human food industry would have otherwise wasted, such as high-quality organ meats that are essential to pet health but maybe somewhat unappealing to our family’s table. You can read more about Just Right Pets by Purina’s secret approach to dog food here.

Wherever you are, from our house to yours, from our table to yours, from our puppies to yours, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving!


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