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14 tell-tale signs that you’re awesome pet parents

Are you awesome pet parents? Here are 14 ways you’ll know for sure:

1. You keep a sticky roller in your car so you can de-fur on the go.

2. You can’t sleep unless the pets are under the covers and wrapped around your legs.

3. You own a pet stroller – and you use it.

pet stroller

4) You take your pets to see Santa every Christmas. Oh, and they dress up for it.

puggies visit santa

5) You’ve paid a kings ransom to the emergency vet’s overnight ICU. More than once.

6) All of your professional family photos include your pets.

pug family photo

7) You’ve gladly forked out the dough for your pet to fly with you in the main cabin of the airplane.

8) And you only take vacations in pet friendly locations and hotels.

9) You child calls the fur family her “brother and sister.”

too many hugs

10) You’ve ruled out homes to buy because the backyard wasn’t good enough for your pets.

11) Your pets hang out with you while you take a bath.

bath time with pug

12) You spend more time evaluating the ingredients in your grain-free dog food than you do your afternoon snack.

13) You sign all your Christmas cards with the pet’s names too, sometimes you even include a paw print.

14) Your pets have their own social meda account.

beni and beau

Okay, accounts with an S.

pug tumblr

Fess up. Are you 14 for 14? Or even somewhere close? Then I’ll scoot over so you can sit with me – we have lots to talk about pet mom to pet mom. Chez Perot is legit when it comes to our unabashed puggy love. Our pugs are full-on fur family and we couldn’t imagine life any differently.

have pug will travel

PetSmart Recognizes Awesome Pet Parents

Me and you, we are awesome pet moms and PetSmart wants to recognize us this Mother’s Day with a special give-away for you AND your pets. Our special delivery was filled with these fab toys for the puggies – and a gift card to Massage Envy for me!

petsmart presents

Since you’re an awesome pet parent like me, you have a chance to win one of these prize packages from PetSmart too. Just tell me about your fur family in the comments below and you’re entered to win this special give-away!

THANK YOU PetSmart for sponsoring this give-away and Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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  1. I have a black lab named Jack and he is awesome!

  2. Love my fur babies! Our Old English Bulldog has been rushed to the overnight vet for getting overexcited, tongue turning purple and put on oxygen. When she’s overheated, we give her drinks with a turkey baster. She can only take a walk around 1/2 the block and is getting better. We made it to the park with her recently, but she couldn’t walk back, so Daddy grabbed the car while she and I chilled on a neighbor’s lawn so we could take her back home and let her splay out on the cool tile – her favorite. The vet put her on a diet and she can only have 1/2 a cup of food in the AM and PM, but all the green beans she wants. We need to put green beans on Amazon auto ship! She loves her some green beans! She’s lost 15 lbs. and 2 harness sizes! Way to go, Tallulah. She was scared of the storm we had the other night, so we rubbed a dryer sheet all over her fur and then she could go night night. She and Sassy, the Boston Terrier, love to go for a ride! Sass is lower maintenance and well loved. Sass and Lulu love to sit at their Momma’s side when she gets home from work. We all 3 are on the loveseat and the poor sofa goes unloved. The weekends are blissful as Momma’s there most of the time and they just get to hang out.

  3. I am a brand new puppy mommy and am quite in love. I have found someone new to subject to my crafting, I can make her puppy bows, bows for her collar, I can crochet a new leash, I will have to sew a new cover for the back seat of the car (because she will now go everywhere with me) oh, I can build her a bed from pallet wood. Just think of all the toys I can make her with upcycled materials. Is it possible for Pogo to have as much fun as I will? Good thing I am so in love, it helps mitigate the dog smell that comes along with her cute little face.

    Poor Merry, she is now just the fat old cat, but always I favorite cat nap partner.

    Kids are growing up and will leave the nest. That’s fine, my fur babies will never tell me I’m embarrassing them!

  4. we have one very old schnauzer, one very nuratic chorgi, and one awesome cat! My fur babies are so cute!

  5. I have a maltese dog named Monroe. She’s my best friend and my only baby 🙂

  6. Oh my goodness this giveaway was meant for me! I can so relate to just about every item on your list (except the dog stroller and the airline seat) and can add a few new ones – like vacationing in San Antonio so the Jack Russell’s can stay at the ranch and not in the kennel and regularly driving a 10 hour round trip on a weekend to see the grandparents with all the fur babies in tow). We took the 3 grown up dogs and 4 newborn pups to the ranch when they were just a few days old and now have to figure out how to best accommodate 3 dogs and 2 – 4 month old puppies. We also arranged a quick trip home when it was Princess’s time to go so that my Princess could be buried under our favorite tree at the ranch.

    And we have you beat – we took 3 dogs to the same Santa last year including one very pregnant momma dog – in costume!

    And we are crazy enough to consider being a 4 dog Jack Russell family as little Han Solo (and Ace’s favorite) is being kept back as “not available” to prospective buyers. He gets all excited when we leave to pick up Ace from school – a favorite activity for both!

  7. I have three dogs and a cat and LOVE every minute of it. I fit every single on of these ‘signs of being an awesome pet parent’

  8. Completely obsessed with our yorkie. Yes he has an Instagram @yorkiebrooklyn and we are going on vacation next week to the Outer Banks to a dog friendly house:) Probably spend more on toys and haircuts for him than I do myself, but I love every second of it.

  9. I love my girls! We have two Westies who are definitely our children. I recall waiting in line for over 3 hours to have our kids first photos with Santa when they were 4 months old. We had great time waiting with you and your family.
    We have annual birthday parties with pupcakes (homemade of course) and invite all of the neighborhood dogs to attend and their cousin, Ollie, an English Bulldog. We send the guest home with doggie treat and toy gift bags. They even have party hats!
    Our couch cushions are outdoor washable cushions because every princess needs a comfortable place to snuggle. They also have their own toy box (which is overflowing I might add where all of their birthday, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and just cause they are so cute.
    Even my family accepts them as our kids. My grandmother told all her friends that she now has twin great granddaughters. Lol!! I wouldn’t have it any other way!


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