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10 Rules for a Fauxcation

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How many Sunday nights do you say… “Ugh, I wish the weekend was longer.”

Every Sunday? Yeah, me too.

I am overdue for a vacation so I decided to take a “fauxcation.”  Mine was a 10-day break from work and whatever else I just didn’t feel like doing, because it takes me at least 3 days to realize that I can slow down and relax. Ten was perfect for me, but it’s not a magic number. Your mileage may vary.


What is a fauxation?

Let’s first say what a fauxcation is not. It’s not a “staycation.” I’ve taken “staycations” before and there’s this pressure to (insert annoying voice) be a tourist in your hometown, go enjoy things in your own city, pretend you’re on vacation but stay at home. Mmmm, yeah. That’s way less desirable during a pandemic so none of those things were going to happen.

Let’s admit it, the last few months have been emotionally stressful for everyone. It was glorious to just check out from reality, in the safety of my own house, close the office door, and give myself permission to not have any kind of schedule whatsoever.

Sleep late? Check.

Read two books? Check.

Reorganize my attic and unpack all the boxes that never got opened when we moved? Check (that was a sweaty one).

Upcycle some furniture? Check.

Haul off trash to the landfill? Check.

Float in my pool? Check.

Just sit on the sofa and watch TV? Check.

Let’s be honest: Busy people don’t get to do most of those things because they’re always squeezing one more thing into their day that they’ve devoted to everyone else.

Fauxcation is NOT for that. It’s about checking out and doing only what you want to do, and when you want to do it.


Here are my 10 rules for fauxcations:


  1. No work.
    Work was the one thing I absolutely did not do. This was critical to the success of this well-deserved mental break.
  2. No schedule.
    Schedules mean you’re a victim to someone else. This is your week.
  3. No alarm clocks.
    Nope, you sleep as much as your body needs. Multiple times a day if you want to!
  4. Turn off the news.
    There’s a serious lot of heavy stuff going on these days. Tune it out. Trust me, the world will still spin and you can get caught up when you’ve resurfaced.
  5. No lists of where you *need* to visit.
    It’s too tempting to plan a whole in-town vacation where you try and go to all the places you only go when family comes to visit. Save that for when Unc and Aunti show up.
  6. Let yourself relax.
    Don’t care if the dishes pile up or the floor needs sweeping. You can always do that later after fauxcation (unless you’re one of those crazy people who likes vacuuming? You are not my people…).
  7. Let your mind escape.
    Whether it’s with a good book or a Netflix binge, step back and enjoy someone else’s story for a bit. Good vibes only though.
  8. Reacquaint yourself with your hobby.
    Almost everyone has one, so give it a little attention. And if you don’t have something you enjoy doing, I feel sad for you. Use this time to test out something you’ve always wanted to do.
  9. Reconnect with people you haven’t spoken with in a while.
    It’s healing for the soul to have conversations with people who are meaningful or inspire you. But that family that stresses you out? Let them go to voice mail until you resurface.
  10. Let go of the judgment.
    People will ask you what you did on your week off expecting to hear about your staycation accomplishments. None of it was wasted time if you enjoyed it, and “it” could be absolutely nothing or a huge list of things you’ve wanted to do around the house. Doesn’t matter, it’s your time to unplug and chill.


Here’s the deal. I know you’re stuck at home. I’m giving you permission to take time off and not feel guilty about not going to a resort or somewhere exotic. Think of the upside of fauxcations…


  • No making a long list of places you want to go within driving distance
  • No herding moody family into the car and being trapped with them for hours
  • No stress of packing, getting everything done before you go
  • No worrying about the dogs being boarded
  • No remembering after you’re gone that you didn’t stop the mail.
  • No travel expenses!


Fauxcation rocks! Try it!


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